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How is the Soul Connected to the Body?

May 23, 2011 @ 6:19 am
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So this post is pretty much speculation, but worth a look I think. First you might want to read this post, where I touch on this subject a bit.

Most of you have probably heard the quote from Einstein “God doesn’t play dice with the universe.” Einstein said this when asked about his belief in Quantum Mechanics. Basically one of the ideas of Quantum Mechanics is that the smaller things get the more chaotic they get. Einstein thought that the universe was not chaotic on any level. There is a big problem with Einstein’s idea if you are a person of faith. If there were no chaos in the universe then like a computer program with no external input the actions of everything from the first moment in time to the last would be pre-determined. Everything in the universe would be decided at the moment of it’s creation. There would be no freewill and your fate would be locked and unavoidable.

I think this is where we get freewill from and how our souls interact with our minds. With the analog nature and complex nature of our brains Quantum Mechanics can come in to play. My idea is that basically our souls can affect our minds on a very small scale leading us to make choices we otherwise wouldn’t if we were just soulless animals and chaos was affecting our decisions.

This idea can be extended further by the degree our souls affect our decisions. Basically how close or far from God we are. For those among you who know about Neural Networks, you know that connections that are used more often are strengthened. If our souls used specific neural pathways then our connections to our souls could be strengthen by making decisions that broke from our regular animalistic behavior. Although I rather doubt it to be the case. I favor the idea that your soul has a more general effect over your whole mind and the health of your soul is the mechanism which makes it easier or harder to control your animalistic behavior.

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