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Faith and Miracles

June 5, 2011 @ 6:20 am
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Some of you may have read this post. Where I point out the requirement for faith being the reason for the lack of scientific evidence for God. The biggest thing I hear when I mention this idea to people is: “well what about miracles, aren’t they proof for God?” This is a very good question.

Miracles happen all the time right? Most religious people have seen things happen, or not happen that appear to be miracles. The big question is, can the miracle be defined as one if it comes under scientific scrutiny? Not usually, even when someone came back from the brink of certain death and everyone says “it’s a miracle!” Odds are, if you look at it from a purely physical scientific way, you would be able to describe exactly what happen and why that person survived. Even if it was some how guided by God there would still be no way to prove it, because it could just be coincidental.

Now you may think, “what about those big miracles?” Even a lot of those would be explained away scientifically or chalked up coincidence. Even if someone said “God will bring a plague of locusts to destroy your crops” and it happened scientists would say “coincidence.” Now what about those undeniable miracles, like turning water into wine? Well God has never performed a miracle in a place where it could be measured. They would think the person who performed the miracle pulled a clever switcheroo on some unsuspecting people.

Katie from orlajames.com said, “the non-believers will always offer an explanation for a miracle-like event, while those with faith will quickly explain it is an act of God, but people must have reason to have faith.”

The point is God has never performed a miracle that could be proven. Even brining people back from the dead. Scientists say “well he must of been in a coma.” If you think about it, has science (real science, not kook science) ever put a seal of approval on a miracle? The answer is “no.” God is smarter than all of us put together and I don’t think He will ever do anything that will prove He exists, otherwise how could we choose anything else except Him?

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