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The Philosopher’s Political Spectrum Chart

May 7, 2011 @ 6:33 am
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This post presents my political spectrum chart (The Philosopher’s Political Spectrum Chart). If you want to see what I have to say about the Nolan Chart the chart currently used for plotting political views check here. I noticed the flaws in the Nolan chart and wanted to come up with a chart that better represented the political groups.

I came up with two criteria that seem to separate more political groups. One is the Regulationism/Permissiveism (Anarchism), which means the amount of structure in government and laws a political ideology believes is needed for society. This includes everything from economic regulations to laws limiting personal freedoms and even laws protecting personal freedoms (The Bill of Rights). Almost all western societies rate high on the regulation scale.

The second criteria is Collectivism/Individualism scale, which is how much a political ideology believes in the “greater good” (Collectivist) or personal freedom (Individualist). Extreme Collectivists are people who believe that everyone should put themselves out for other’s at all times. Examples would be Communists on the regulationistic side and hippy and religous sects on the anarchistic side.

If you look at the chart itself you will see the extreme groups represented in each corner. The Individualist Anarchists at the bottom, The Collectivist Regulationists (Communists) at the top. The Collectivist Anarchists (Hippies, Egalitarian Tribes) on the left side. On the right side the Individualist Regulationists (The US as the founding fathers saw it).

People who are aggressive or violent for their beliefs would be on the very extremes of the chart. Some groups like the Individualist Anarchists might argue that goes against the very premise of their ideology however. The Nazis would land just over the collectivist line on the extreme end of the regulation scale. Many religious extremists would also land there.

Something to note is this chart shows the left and right very accurately. For instance the Communist left is considered to be less regulationistic than traditional communists but more collectivist. You may also note that on the chart, where the Democrats and Republicans land. You can see why Republicans generally agree with Libertarians more than Democrats. The two groups are not perpendicular to the libertarians like the Nolan Chart shows. Lastly I’ve notice the more to the top you go (top right in the square chart presented here) the more government is need to keep society together.

Please click on the chart for a closer look, I’m releasing it to the public if anyone wants to use it. Just reference me 😉

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