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So Romney Won the Debate?

June 15, 2011 @ 6:35 am
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Like I mentioned and it seems others agree, Romney came out on top of the debate by default.

Polls show it too, however the poll also covered who people thought lost. The two people who did the best in that respect (had the fewest number of votes for “did the worst”) were Michelle Bachman and Ron Paul. The fact that Michelle Bachman came in second in the who won poll and tied for last with Ron Paul for who did the worst, that makes her the most electable in my opinion. I also saw a focus group done by Frank Luntz for Foxnews that was 50/50 Reps and Dems that indicates if she ran she could beat Obama.

I think the next major reason why Romney won the debate in most people’s minds is because all the candidates were very civil, and no one pointed out his flaws, and how Romneycare was the basis for Obamacare. It was nice to see that everything was so professional, but if everyone avoids pointing out each other’s flaws, then we may get some unpleasant surprises after the election. I can’t understand what people like about Romney beyond the perception that he may be able to beat Obama. People forget that a Republican in Massachusetts is a Democrat in any other state. I think if Romney became president it would be four more years of Obama, just with an R next to his name. That’s not to say Romney is quite as bad as Obama. At least the political machinery that would surround him would lean towards freedom, and Obama’s certainly doesn’t. When push comes to shove in the general election I would vote for Romney over Obama, but in the primary he can count me out.

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