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Fall 2013 Men’s Fashion Trends

August 9th, 2013 @ 5:55 pm
Written by


We talked to Fashion Expert, Sacha, who is an up-and-coming artist with an eye for fashion because of his upbringing in the fashion capitol of the world, Paris. We got his expert opinion on the Fall/Winter trends for men and we are so grateful that Sascha took time for us!

Here is what Sacha had to say…


In NY, we’re noticing a lot of graphic prints and colors for the fall. Very sharp structured pieces and looks that are reminiscent of 90’s rave wear. Even though some designers are still attached to the silver metallic grey, we’re seeing a lot of bright colors for the winter too – carrying on the trend from summer. Of course the usual Fall/Winter colors will be around – beige, grey, brown. However, this year we’re seeing even more brands leaning towards summery colors for the fall and winter for men.

Let’s bring some happiness and light to winter!

For Paris, it’s the same but even more diverse. With the 90’s it’s going back to the 70’s too. Once again more graphics, squares, plaids etc. NY and Paris are similar this year but each has their own sub trends. NY will be moving more towards the David Bowie 90s rave clothes/or punk clothes and Paris will be at times more subtle. There are lots of great over coats for men this season. Plaids were everywhere in the Tommy Hilfiger collection, Valentino and Jill Sanders.

And of course, fur is big again, (Hermes and Armani and Fendi). Specifically, Astrakan.

We asked Sacha a few questions about this Fall’s Fashion trends for Men and here is what he told us….

Q: What colors pants will be hot for Fall this year?

A: I would definitely wear Orange or Purple. I like to differentiate myself and put colors in my life and I feel like this is the best way. I am not talking about sad orange but happy orange. And these colors correspond very well to the season too. Not only pants but tops too. This way you are able to really mark yourself as a person for there is so many different shades of orange and purple you can play with. It’s a great way to live the season in style with your own personal touch to it.

Q: What types of shoes should men look to buy this season?

A: Colorful shoes too, bright colors. And it could really just be laces for instance that are of a different unique color. If I were to take a walk during the day in the fall, I would definitely wear shoes with different colors and all sorts of light stuff. While at night to go out, I would wear black or white shoes with a touch of a bright color somewhere special.

Q: What are the top 5 things every guy should buy this season?

A: I see myself as a hopeless wanderer and hopeful romantic. And winter is the perfect moment for these two qualities/flaws for two reasons – in the winter, you are able to have multiple layers and it gives you the ability to play with so much more ; and it’s the perfect time to be romantic and bring romance with you by wearing it.

5 Things You Need To Own:

  1. – a good scarf: VERY IMPORTANT. One scarf I’ve had for 5 years. I’ve stolen it from a close friend( hehe) after he let me borrow it and it’s so fluffy and perfect that I will never give it back hehe. Use the scarf to show personality. The way you wear it can completely change the aura or impression someone gives. There is also other substitute like Le Col Cashmere. A friend of mine is the creator and I must say : best protection against the cold wind ! and really cool too.
  2. MOON BOOTS : I LOVE MOON BOOTS. I would wear them any season if they weren’t so warm. Perfect for winter and I think they make you look great too, men or women. They make you look like a viking and it’s really cool. Used to be and still very fashionable in Paris. Also super warm and comfortable. Its as if you are walking on a cloud.
  3. HATS : I am a big hat fan. Two hats you can wear in the winter…
    • – Fedora hats. Perfect For Summer, Perfect for Winter. Just make sure you are wearing the appropriate coat or jacket. For winter I change the rules, I hold it in my hand when outside and when I go inside I put it on. Certain hats can also be very romantic and you can play a lot with them. Old fashioned but still going strong.
    • CHAPKAS : some of them are horrible, some of them are pure brilliant. If you find a good one, wear it. It’s beautiful and protects you from the cold. It’s very cute and for a man, it shows a very strong personality like a bear or a wolf. But maybe it’s my blood talking ..
  4. ACCESSORIES/JEWELRY : winter time is the best time for accessories. Here’s why : you going to a meeting or the restaurant with friends. You are covered in layers of clothes. It’s snowing. You are all semi wet and white. You arrive to the place as a man dressed in a whole and suddenly you take you coat, scarf, gloves, hat off and BAM you reveal a ton of necklaces and rings, bracelets and maybe a nice watch. That shows immediately your personality and who you are. It’s like treasures hidden in a cave or treasure chest waiting to be revealed. A Parisian brand called Chrome I think makes amazing men accessories but I don’t think they are anywhere else.
  5. PERFUME : Perfume is your essence. The more you wear one, the more it becomes your real scent and personality. I like to have a winter and summer perfume. Winter perfume should be very strong and deep. Whereas in the summer, lighter and sexier. And here too, once you take off your clothes inside, you have this huge intense scent suddenly circulating and getting everyone’s attention. Of course do choose a good perfume lol.

Thanks to Sacha for letting us know how to look HOT this Fall and Winter season!

New Kiosks Deliver Travel Essential Kits by 3FLOZ

August 1st, 2013 @ 10:15 am
Written by

When 3FLOZ’s automated kiosks land in top US airports next month with their signature selection of travel-friendly goods,

you’ll also find some darling new ESSENTIALS kits curated by 3FLOZ co-founders Kate Duff and Alexi Mintz.

Since I travel for work all the time, of course I occasionally forget my travel-friendly bag of overnight essentials every once in a while. Great to know that these kiosks will be in most of the airports I frequent and will be super convenient whenever I forget my own bag of travel size toiletries. I think it’s a great idea and the selection of items are excellent.

Whether your journey is for love, work or play, 3FLOZ provides peace of mind in knowing you have your necessities when you’re on-the-go. Here is a preview of the kits that will be available:

means you can achieve your perfect look on the go, whether it be the rugged traveler or the clean shaven man of mystery.

Ensures that you have the necessities for a perfect ‘do wherever you go — regardless of climate or hair type.

Whether you’re in first class or coach, you can beat the jet lag and kiss the fatigue goodbye. Start your trip off right feeling revitalized, renewed and refreshed.

Hair flat? Looking a little shiny? Pounding head? Lips dry? Don’t be caught off guard on a night on the town! In a clutch has everything you need to stay picture perfect throughout the evening.

Don’t. Leave. Home. Without. It.

What’s the Definition of Terrorism?

April 16th, 2013 @ 3:57 pm
Written by

A question that was raised last year with the Benghazi attack was what is terrorism? Was it a terrorist attack? The bombs in Boston hit close to home for me (literally) since I live and work in the Boston area. Reading the news stories following attack in Boston raised the question again. Some stories labeled it terrorism, some just say bombings. The white house called it a terrorist attack quickly after the attack took place.

This got me thinking, what is terrorism? When is it a terrorist attack and when is it not? People today seem to like to use the word as political ammo to push a particular agenda. This has clouded the public’s perspective of what is terrorism and what isn’t.

To find the answer to the question we don’t even need to open a dictionary. The word itself tells us what it means. It’s an act with the purpose of instilling terror. Some times there can be a political or religious motives, but the motives can also be personal.

So what makes an action terrorism? By looking at the definition I stated above we can see that it’s the intention of the act that makes it terrorism and not the act itself. So to know if it was terrorism we need to know the intention of the perpetrators. The intention of a terrorist is usually obvious because of where and how they attacked. So it usually doesn’t take long to figure out whether it was a terrorist attack or not.

Using this definition we can see that even governments can perform terrorist attacks. For instance many of the bombing runs done by both the allies and the axis powers in WWII were terrorist attacks. The goal was often to terrorize and demoralize the enemy. School shootings today, may or may not be terrorist attacks. If it’s kids lashing out at society who want to go down in infamy than it’s not terrorism. We can see that Benghazi was terrorism.

This bombing in Boston was almost certainly terrorism, although it’s not confirmed yet. It has the hallmarks: done on Patriot’s Day, in Boston the city of patriots, attacking the Boston marathon (arguably the biggest well known marathon in the world) and at the exact moment when the largest number of people usually finish the race. Based on this I would say that the attacker is trying to make a point against the United States and is some how related to its military presence abroad.

The End of an Era

March 2nd, 2013 @ 9:00 am
Written by

The rise, and fall of the mmorpg.

Reading the topic. Someone might say “Wait, that’s not right. There are plenty of mmorpgs! In fact it seems like a dozen new MMORPG’s pop up every day.” Which I would have to say is true. However, they are not of the same grade as the generations before them. It’s sad to say, but the world of mmorpg’s is in decline.


To get a good idea of the point I’m trying to get across, you need to know some of the history of the genre. The MMORPG was born as a graphical version of a type of online text game called a “M.U.D” or “Multi User Dungeon”. MMORPG’s like EverQuest adopted the class, leveling, and race systems of MUD’s almost exactly. At the time though the MMORPG’s game play, and content paled in comparison next to their text counter parts. Many MUD’s had hundreds of zones, dozens of player usable classes, and races. Slowly as MMORPG’s progressed, both by expansion releases and new games with more features, they managed to catch up in these areas. Unfortunately, they never did introduce the advanced multiclass systems that exist in text MUD’s. MMORPG’s even started to introduce new concepts, such as wars, raiding, etc… where hundreds of people could work together at once to achieve a goal.

So… what happened? Well I personally think it was the “flood effect”. People saw success and they wanted in on the money. The market got flooded with graphically pretty MMORPG’s that had very little substance. To compete, they started to make novelty MMORPG’s, and “free to play” versions, most of which had maybe a dozen zones, one race, and a small handful classes. This in effect “lowered the bar”. Then there is the addition of “features” that are designed to limit the players progress, rather then expand the game play have become common. You can see this in items wearing out, de-leveling, and required quests before players can expand beyond particular levels.

It’s sad to see an entire genre stagnate, with each successive generation. The games get smaller and more limited while focusing too much on the graphics and novelty. Rather then depth of game play and social interaction. There are still a few good MMORPG’s out there. Most of them have a been around awhile, however, unless someone breaths new life into a declining genre then I’m afraid we have seen the end of the golden age of MMORPG’s.

There are still some good online games to play though like Party Bingo.

Leave a comment and let us know what online games you like to play!

Multi Tasking Products for Men

November 6th, 2012 @ 10:44 am
Written by

We just can’t resist the on-trend bright shades of this season, but let’s be honest – but if you find yourself spending your Sunday night on the couch watching the big game, chances are you’ll be ready for a more low-maintenance ensemble. Dressing-down doesn’t mean you don’t have to compromise on your look. The trick is to cut down on fuss with multi-tasking products that enhance your natural features.


Here is one product that will keep you looking fresh and is easy to use.


KICK OFF: TouchBack Plus Leave-In Conditioner

Be sure to get ahead as soon as the game’s on with the TouchBack Plus Leave-In Conditioner. Use this when you get out of the shower to maximize on moisture and shine to get that initial breakaway play – without the use of harsh chemicals like ammonia, peroxide or sulfates. Best of all, you won’t fumble with excess sprays or serums because this leave-in conditioner has double as an advanced styling treatment. The TouchBack Plus Color Leave-In Conditioner deposits color back into your hair to replenish a weary dye job – or keep it simple with the TouchBack Plus Clear Leave-In Conditioner.

TouchBack Plus CLEAR Leave-In Conditioner, $24.95

TouchBack Plus COLOR Leave-In Conditioner, $29.95

(available in Rich Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Ash Blonde, Golden Blonde, Light Auburn and Dark Auburn)